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Published Date: August 6, 2014

Published Date: August 6, 2014

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Poem: A Brew Comes Forth

From earthly senses, dwells a brew

Calling itself truth;

It denies God’s Righteous burning

And look! See the turning?

Turning away from

Him who’s Heart

Is Yearning

To walk the Garden of Spirit’s Light?


He sees His children walk in the night.


What started in the Spirit

Has become the design of the flesh man’s plight


Divided now between the sexes

The church is filled with divorced ex’s

Hallelujah chorus not directed to the King

But to the notion that sex is


What made you turn away from your first love?

Remember the Spirit came, like a dove?

You welcomed the world of Father, Spirit and Son,

Then ascended your own pedestal and thought you won.


But you have lost, get back down and see

That Yeshua calls for men to be free

Of the flesh that demands it be

Worshipped more than He.


All bow down is not a posture of oppression,

But of Liberty.


Worshipping the Lord is setting all things right.

Taking back the day from the night.

Turning truth be told

With Spirit bold

Until all is upside right with Light.


Putting Christ into the mixture

Will make sex… not a fixture

But a gift, an after thought

Not the night’s premier picture.


Putting Christ first cannot be underestimated

You will not be castigated or emasculated

From the your gendered destiny

Yet I believe you will see

You have been liberated, you have been set free!


Flesh first or Spirit? Hmmmm… let me see?

Flesh first or Spirit? Should there even be a question?

A pause in revelry of Spirit, Truth and Righteousness in Christ?

And ought my body preordain,

That my Christ remain

Hidden in another person, not like me

You’re a sinner still, can you proclaim

My Spiritual destiny?


What has the church wrought upon herself,

The mirror of flesh deceives

And like a den of thieves, buys and sells

Worthiness and authority like false watches up their sleeves.


Bargain me this, you who hold the keys;

My life for yours? I think not

My King will not be pleased

That I rejected His greatest Love

For one of these.


Brother, walk along with me

Find the Heart of God with me

I choose to lay down my life for thee,

But please, don’t ask me to appease

The flesh and turn away from

My Lord who to this day, is your Master and mine.

And in this way, remarkably defines both male and female

As Divine in His own image.


So finally, once and for all,

Let’s mutually agree,

That you and I are free.


©Betty May Ferreira 2014

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