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Published Date: March 26, 2014

Published Date: March 26, 2014

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Joy Overflows: A Summary of CBE’s Colorado Conference

We are still basking in the joy of God’s Spirit after spending three days with nearly 300 Christians from every corner of the US, and from locations such as Asia, New Zealand, Britain, Israel, Canada, Africa, and Europe. Coming from many cultures, and from diverse denominations, Christians convened in Denver in order to explore the biblical basis for gender equality and justice! Together we labored to understand how to build God’s kingdom so that the child, the orphan and the widow, the man or woman from any class or ethnicity might receive equal value, significance, and worth in serving Jesus!

The global presence of God was noted as sessions were opened in prayer, in languages such as Spanish, Latin, Chinese, Kirundi (the language of Burundi), French, and German. CBE’s Award Banquet honored more than fifteen individuals, from many locations, who advanced biblical equality and justice in denominations like the Salvation Army, and in locations like Haiti, Africa, the Middle East, China, and Europe!

CBE members gave generously, so that international attendees and students might have funds to purchase much-needed resources in CBE’s book store! CBE authors donated books to internationals —filling a need for literature on biblical equality. I only wished you could have felt their joy as internationals carefully selected books and recordings at our conference book store.

CBE members spoke passionately about their commitment to biblical equality and justice! They told us they make CBE a giving priority, giving of the time, talent and treasure, because this is the message of God for our day—that the God of love, justice and holiness has made it clear, from Genesis to Revelation, that to be in Christ is to be a new creation where the old divisions and prejudices no longer restrict women from serving as equal partners beside men, in church, home and society!

Save the dates July 18-20, 2008 where CBE will host our next symposium, in Toronto, Canada!

Hope to see you in Canada next summer!