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Published Date: March 26, 2014

Published Date: March 26, 2014

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Egalitarian Conferences Span the Globe!

Have you ever noticed how God’s work multiplies? The deeds of God seem almost contagious! This has certainly been the case for egalitarian conferences this year, as each event spawns another great event elsewhere. Egalitarian conferences are spanning the globe, bringing a message of truth, hope, and vitality in their wake!

Beginning with CBE’s conference in India, the lectures, fellowship, and presence of God inspired vision and energy to hold a conference in Bangladesh this month! Sponsors described the Bangladesh conference with these words:

It was very well attended… and the feedback was very positive. The main objective… was to put a biblical view of gender on the agenda in Bangladesh, and I think this was accomplished. There were also many who could not come who expressed interest in having a similar conference in [their area]. Dr. Beulah Wood spoke and there was a panel discussion–contributors talked about what is happening in Bangladesh–and we had a presentation from Stop the Traffik.

Egalitarians in Australia hosted a conference entitled Better Together: Empowering all Christian Men and Women to Use Their Gifts Together to Advance the Gospel in Every Area of Life and Ministry. Here is the report we just received:

The hall was packed with over 200 people of all ages. Dr Graham Cole (from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL) gave the two main talks, “God, Good Order, Men and Women” (on Creation and the Trinity) and “Women Teaching Men the Bible: What’s the Problem?”

We had workshops at Better Together on matters such as professions, the home, social justice issues, the arts, indigenous people, ethnic diversity, city and business, prayer, and shaping the future. We had a panel to answer questions. There was a great spirit, and many of the younger ones present said it was the first time that they heard that there was another position and felt a great sense of relief.

God’s Word never returns void, but like bread cast upon the waters, it returns nourishing others down stream or across the world, bringing new life, justice, and healing to all who will partake. Praise be to the Lord!

If you were not able to enjoy this year’s conferences, be assured that the CBE staff worked hard to make available conference recordings of our sessions in India and Colorado. I hope you enjoy these!

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