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Published Date: December 10, 2016

Published Date: December 10, 2016

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I Have Known Enough Saints

I have known enough saints

to know they fall

just like the rest of us.

They fail to see the mud

globbed on their feet

and leave their footprints

on the Persian rugs.

They slurp their shakes.


They hold their share of doctrines

based on anger, fear, pride

and sloppy scholarship.

They scribble their biases and misconceptions

into unbaked clay

and offer them as the Added Commandments.

Their towers are indeed towers to God,

but they have basements in Hell.


It takes the potential for great evil

to reach the potential for great good.

The guard dog is sister to the wolf.

Bleach is deadly if swallowed.

Razor blades clean legs and open wrists.

Only innocence is built on innocence.

Forgiveness is built on guilt.

Three women smiling at the camera, each is holding a present.

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