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Published Date: July 30, 1990

Published Date: July 30, 1990

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The Cost of Obedience

Here, my brother, come take my hand

As we travel together through a pilgrim’s land

To discover our talents, our faith, our fears

And realize our calling through laughter and tears.


Do you have any concept of what it is like

To heed the call and encounter the might

Of masculine pride so quick to oppose?

(So that doubt only festers and inevitably grows.)


Why are you threatened by the fact of my gender?

(when I, like you, must always remember

that I am a slave of the Most Sovereign Lord

And always must act by command of the Word.)


We both partake of the same salvation

that molds us together into one Holy Nation.

Yet the pain of your hatred, (for that’s what it seems,)

only tears us asunder and hinders our dreams.


Consider with me that you might be wrong

In your opinion of where I belong

And that when the day of reckoning comes

It is I who’ll be counted with the faithful ones.


For I am not out to prove my mettle

And I’ve no score that I need to settle.

All I can do is humbly obey

And strive to be worthy on that Final Day.


But the cost is so heavy that sometimes I falter,

when it lies in your power to radically alter

the way that you see me and relate to me too,

So the burden is lifted and we both battle through.