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Published Date: September 5, 2017

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Naked: Reclaiming Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Naked is a marriage book thoroughly steeped in egalitarian theology and completely free from gender stereotypes and tired “male headship” language. Tim and Anne Evans bring decades of counseling and ministry experience to their work, and the result is an extremely helpful and approachable guide for married couples.

This book is presented in three parts, the first of which presents a healthy theology of sex and counsels the reader through deconstructing any unhealthy views of sex they may have learned throughout their life, whether from church, family, or culture.

Part two of Naked helps reconstruct the reader’s views of sex by addressing sensitive topics that desperately need to be addressed. The authors do not shy away from many complex and controversial topics in this book, and although this may make some readers uncomfortable at times, each one is intentionally thought out and approached with grace.

Part three helps the reader take practical steps toward building greater intimacy in their marriage. This section brings hope, empowerment, and guidance to the reader as they begin to apply this knowledge to their everyday life.

Naked makes readers feel as though they are sitting down to coffee with the authors. Personal stories from the authors help to make the material accessible and relatable. I especially appreciate the care taken in including things not normally found in marriage books, like the assertion that marriage is not the goal of the Christian life, and that the church is responsible for many of our misunderstandings about sex.

I believe this book would be helpful for any couple wishing to grow in sexual intimacy or who simply want to better understand the role sex plays in their marriage. Naked comes with a companion journal, making it useful for engaged couples wanting to have a healthy view of sex before entering into marriage. Naked is a book I can confidently recommend to others, knowing that it will help them develop a healthy and egalitarian view of sex and intimacy.

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