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Upcoming Mutuality Themes

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Upcoming 2023 Themes

In 2023, Mutuality will be celebrating our thirtieth year! To celebrate, we are centering our 2023 Mutuality themes around the CBE mission statement:

CBE exists to promote the biblical message that God calls women and men of all cultures, races, and classes to share authority equally in service and leadership in the home, church, and world. CBE’s mission is to eliminate the power imbalance between men and women resulting from theological patriarchy.

Did you catch that? Women’s equality matters not just on a theoretical level. It has practical implications in the home, church, and world! So in 2023 we invite authors to write deeply practical articles on egalitarian theology’s intersection with everyday life in the home, church, and world! We’ll end the year with a best-of issue, celebrating some of the best articles and authors that have been published in Mutuality over the years.

Spring 2023: Women’s Equality in the Home

What does the full equality of women and men look like in the egalitarian home? In this issue of Mutuality, we invite authors to discuss the practical, in-home implications of the full equality of women and men. This could include discussions of the economics of the home, how to raise egalitarian children, the keys to nurturing an egalitarian marriage, hospitality practices for every Christian (from single to married), and more. We’re looking to hear from a wide array of voices—of every marital status, gender, age, race, education level, and culture.

How are you observing, advancing, and teaching the full equality of women and men in your home?

Article submission/query deadline: November 1, 2022

Summer 2023: Women’s Equality in the Church

What does it look like to be an active church member dedicated to women’s equality in 2023? How are egalitarians called to embody the church as the body of Christ? In this issue of Mutuality, we invite authors to share approaches and strategies for furthering women’s equality in the church, both locally and globally. We invite authors to write practical articles such as “How to Find an Egalitarian Church,” “How to Leave Your Complementarian Church Gracefully,” and “How to Advocate for Women’s Equality in Your Complementarian Church.” We also invite authors to reflect on their own experiences of women’s and men’s equality in their local church.

Article submission/query deadline: January 31, 2023

Fall 2023: Women’s Equality in the World

What does progress toward women’s equality look like across the globe? How do humanitarian work and women’s equality intersect? Where are our prayers and support most needed to empower women around the world? In this issue of Mutuality, we extend a special invitation to our international authors to share how they are helping to eliminate the power imbalance between women and men resulting from theological patriarchy in their community.

Article submission/query deadline: May 5, 2023

Winter 2023: Celebrating 30 Years of Mutuality!

In this issue of Mutuality, we will share some of the most impactful articles that have appeared in Mutuality over the last thirty years. We invite all readers to tell us about your favorite Mutuality article and how it impacted you!

Article submission/query deadline: August 4, 2023

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