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Write for Mutuality! We welcome articles and proposals by authors from all corners of the earth, women and men from diverse denominations, social and economic classes, education levels, and regions worldwide. Mutuality’s print magazine publishes four issues a year, each centered around a specific theme. See the upcoming 2024 themes for Mutuality magazine below and note the submission due dates for each one. We may also consider submissions unrelated to the themes and ask to hold them for future issues.

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Mutuality Themes in 2024

Autumn 2024: Bullying in the Body: How Slander is Dividing the Church

Some of the most bitter battles we fight are not against the world, but against each other within the church. Whether discussing doctrine, the Bible, politics, culture, or any number of issues, debates can become heated as people seek to defend their points of view at all costs. But how far is “too far”? Character assassination, name-calling, and personal attacks are all too common at these moments. For this issue of Mutuality, we will be looking at the problem of slander within the church. What is the difference between a healthy (if rigorous) debate, and bullying? How do we foster a community that encourages mutual respect and love even in moments of tension? How do we respond when we are witnesses to or even on the receiving end of slander? Show how you have challenged malicious gossip aimed at harming others. Bring your stories and reflections as we get back to what the Bible says on how we are to treat each other within the body of Christ.

Article submission/query deadline: June 1, 2024

Winter 2024: What is a Woman?

Do all women need to look a certain way, think a certain way, or act a certain way to be “womanly”? “Am I still a woman if…?” and “What kind of a woman am I, if…?” are two sometimes painful questions that women may find themselves asking. What components of womanhood are cultural constructs, and what are fundamental features? In this issue of Mutuality, we will be exploring how we understand what it means to be a woman—from stereotypes and marriage to body image, breast cancer, and fertility. We invite authors to share their experiences and reflections on this question.

While we want to hear from a variety of authors, single and married, women and men, from different cultures and contexts, we are also hoping for one submission that offers a joint perspective from a husband and wife who have dealt with one of these issues to describe how that affected their marriage and understanding of womanhood in that context.

Article submission/query deadline: September 1, 2024

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