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CBE International’s 2021 Online Conference

“Men, Women, and God: Theology and Its Impact”

Keynote and workshop speakers include some of the foremost voices in egalitarian scholarship and global NGO best practices.

Meet CBE’s 2021 conference speakers by watching our Virtual Preview Panel video series:

Part 3

What place do women have in the churches of Ireland? Amanda Jackson leads a hopeful discussion on the impact of patriarchy in Irish churches and the barriers that women face as a result. See the 2021 Conference Virtual Preview Panel, Part 3 featuring CBE 2021 international conference speakers Ruth Garvey-Williams, Avril Heenan, and Trevor Morrow.

Part 2

Watch the 2021 Conference Virtual Preview Panel, Part 2, an exciting discussion on leadership strengths of women and men, and how churches can better value and foster a diversity of leadership styles. Moderated by Charles Read, featuring Natalie Collins, Sean Callaghan, and Pontsho Segwai.

Part 1

Check out the first 2021 Conference Virtual Preview Panel, Part 1 with keynote speakers Andrew Bartlett, Steve Holmes, and Lucy Peppiatt as they discuss the spiritual and social consequences of theological patriarchy. 

Keynote Speakers

Workshop Speakers