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Mutuality | Blog + Magazine | Winter 2001

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Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

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Mutuality Winter 2001

Winter 2001

Volume: 8 | Number: 4

The Importance of Biblical Equality

There is plenty of suffering in our modern world; women in the persecuted church subjected to poverty and terrorism is a real issue. Read how biblical equality can speak to these issues.  


Editor's Note
By: Joanne Nystrom Janssen | December 5, 2001
At CBE we call marriage “ground zero” for the debate about women’s places in the church and the home. We’ve found that understanding God’s design for a woman and a man in that relationship is essential for understanding how women and men can work together to further the gospel. If the two [...]

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Q&A: Does a Woman Need a Male Covering Over Her Ministry?
By: Alvera Mickelsen | December 6, 2001
This is a question frequently asked by some Christians who belong to some branches of Pentecostalism. The teaching about “male covering” for women is rarely found outside of these groups and has never been accepted by the vast majority of evangelical Christians.

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Celebration Empowers Women Across the Globe
By: Mimi Haddad | December 6, 2001
Only one week after September 11, few were willing to board a plane. While most cancelled travel plans, three CBE staff members headed to Houston for the Global Celebration for Women. We offered a biblical basis for women’s Christian service to 10,000 women from 156 nations.

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Two Views on Women in Ministry
By: Julia Bloom | December 6, 2001
“God is not an equal opportunity employer.” “God is an equal opportunity employer.” These antithetical statements come from the two authors representing the complementarian view in Two Views on Women in Ministry, a new book in Stanley N. Gundry’s “Counterpoints” series.

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Women Celebrate Female Contributions to God’s Kingdom
By: Joanne Nystrom Janssen | December 5, 2001
For CBE staff member Sarah Edwards, the significance of the Global Celebration for Women was captured in a single moment: when a group of brilliantly dressed African women began to sing and dance contagiously to the beat of a drum.

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Remember the Women of the Persecuted Church
By: Guest Author | December 5, 2001
These women have struggled with painful separation, loss, and uncertainty. They have been ostracized by their culture, left alone to care for fatherless children and subjected to crushing poverty. Their faith has been stretched to the limit, and yet they have rarely been the subjects of prayer campaigns or human-rights projects.

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Does CBE Matter in the Face of Terrorism?
By: Kim A. Pettit | December 5, 2001
In the face of terrorism, does CBE matter? Is it worth supporting? As I’ve thought about these questions, I’ve discovered remarkable answers. Biblical equality speaks to the questions raised by current events in ways I never would have expected.

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