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Published Date: December 5, 2001

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Editor’s Note

At CBE we call marriage “ground zero” for the debate about women’s places in the church and the home. We’ve found that understanding God’s design for a woman and a man in that relationship is essential for understanding how women and men can work together to further the gospel. If the two can’t stand on the same plane in a one-on-one relationship, how will they be able to treat each other as equals in a ministry environment?

Within marriage, true mutuality is hard to come by. Even though most couples sincerely want to respect one another’s gifts and opinions, it doesn’t always work in day-to-day life. Cooperating in the decision-making process sounds ideal until you find a decision about which you strongly disagree. What do you do if your husband wants to have another baby but you don’t? How do you appreciate your wife’s gift of money management when you would like to take a vacation but she says funds are too tight? Many couples don’t have a model of husbands and wives living as equal partners, so they don’t know how to live out the kind of relationship they believe to be worthwhile.

In this issue, you can read about Tony and Jennifer Kang, a couple committed to having an equal partnership marriage. They share the joys and challenges they have faced in the first years of their marriage. Jon and Carol Trott offer insights on their life in a Christian community in Chicago and how it has given them a unique perspective on gender roles in relationships and in the church. Also, Susan Finck-Lockhart outlines a way couples can seek God’s will for a marriage, without the dominance of either spouse. We hope these articles spark your interest in what you could learn at our September marriage conference.

This issue also addresses a new Bible translation called Today’s New International Version (TNIV). Because it uses gender-accurate language for people, this version is faithful to the intentions of the original authors and the objectives of Bible translation. See what scholars, church leaders and people in the pew have to say about this translation in “Words of Worth.” To gain further insights about its significance, read President Mimi Haddad’s column on page 30. Join us in welcoming the TNIV to CBE’s shelves — with gratitude for its improved clarity and accuracy.