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Priscilla Papers | Academic Journal | Summer 1991

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal exploring Bible interpretation, theology, church history, and other disciplines as they address a biblical view of women’s equality and justice in the home, church, and world.

"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord." (Acts 18:26)

Academic Journals

The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of CBE International or its members.

Priscilla Papers Summer 1991 Volume 5 Issue 3

Summer 1991

Volume: 5 | Number: 3

Biblical Feminism

God values men and women equally. This issue takes a closer look at examples from the Bible that illustrate this. It also explores how 1 Peter has been used to fight equality and what is wrong with such interpretations.


Biblical Feminism: A Christian Response to Sexism
By: Gretchen Gaebelein Hull | July 30, 1991
Biblical feminists see feminism not only as a social-justice issue but also as an issue of religious freedom. To the goals of political, economic, and societal equality of the sexes, biblical feminists add religious equality. Thus biblical feminists bring the whole scope of Scripture to bear upon discrimination against women.

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On the Meaning in Context of those Troublesome Verses on Women in 1 Peter (And a Gentle Warning about Cross-Referencing Too Quickly)
By: Bruce C.E. Fleming | July 30, 1991
The following thoughts are presented to draw attention to the main thrust of 1 Peter 3:1-7. It is hoped that after reading the following article, whenever these verses are studied, the main ideas of the passage won’t be smothered by other ideas that are illegitimately imported from somewhere else.

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Purity and Passion: A Biblical Approach to Mutually Edifying Relationships
By: Howard E. Frost | July 30, 1991
The extent of appropriate sexual interest and involvement outside of marriage is an important question young adults face. It is also a question of concern to any Christian regardless of age or marital status. Our sexuality, in all its dimensions, is a wonderful gift from God, to be enjoyed and appreciated. Indeed, it is much [...]

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John Chrysostom’s First Homily on the Greeting to Priscilla and Aquila
By: Catherine Clark Kroeger | July 30, 1991
John Chrysostom (died A.D. 407) preached consistently through the Scriptures and many of his sermons are still extant. Here, for the first time in English, is his first sermon on Priscilla and Aquila. Translated from the Greek, by Catherine Clark Kroeger, Ph.D., CBE president, author, and classical scholar.

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A Home for One
By: Evelyn Bence | July 30, 1991
Home. What does it mean to someone who lives alone? Countless sermons, seminars, and songs, which define the word in terms of people, make one’s own rooms and furnishings seem less than adequate, less than deserving of the warm word. 

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Beyond the Curse: Women Called to Ministry
By: Gretchen Gaebelein Hull | July 31, 1991
Subtitled "Women Called to Ministry," Dr. Spencer's book presents a new look at Scripture's description of women's roles. She writes, "Whole dimensions of God, ministry, education and theology are being obscured and ignored if women are not properly trained, then invited, even more so welcomed, to participate as significant and affirmed once they do lead."

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No Time for Silence: Evangelical Women in Public Ministry Around the Turn of the Century
By: CBE International | July 31, 1991
Chosen as one of ETERNITY magazine's best books of the year in 1987, this book encourages women to use their gifts fully in proclaiming the Gospel. Dr. Hassey presents the significant contributions made by American women engaged in public ministry in past years, and who were enthusiastically supported by such institutions as Moody Bible Institute.

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