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Mutuality | Blog + Magazine | Summer 2002

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Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

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2002 Summer Mutuality Cover

Summer 2002

Volume: 9 | Number: 2

Building an Equal Marriage


Building an Equal Marriage: How One Couple's Beliefs Are Shaping Their Marriage
By: Debbie Menagh | June 5, 2002
Jennifer and Tony Kang have found through experience that people don’t always know how to treat a couple when the wife is in a formal ministry role and the husband is not.

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Q&A: Equality in Community
By: Elsa Petersen | June 5, 2002
Jon and Carol Trott are members of Jesus People USA (JPUSA) in Chicago, a group of believers practicing gender-equal relationships while living in community and working in ministry. Living with 500 other people gives the Trotts a unique perspective on gender roles in relationships and in the church.

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Who's in Charge Here? Discerning the Lord's Leading in Marriage
By: Susan Finck-Lockhart | June 5, 2002
Karen and Mark are both pastors with vibrant ministries, but their marriage is at a crossroads. Karen has been offered a large church in a growing area that sounds like a perfect fit. Mark has no desire to leave his flourishing ministry. They love the Lord and each other, but they can‘t agree. How [...]

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Embracing Today's New International Version
By: Mimi Haddad | June 5, 2002
At CBE, we began the New Year by celebrating the release of Today’s New International Version of the Bible. The press did an excellent job of obtaining opinions from church leaders and scholars alike, and within a short time many seemed ready to consider the strengths of the TNIV. A glance at the history [...]

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The TNIV Bible
Instead of communicating to young men and women that they are gifted for service to God and joined as partners in that ministry, they reinforce stereotypes of women as focused on marriage and family and men as interested in career and financial security. 

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The Christian Family in Changing Times
By: Carol J. Zechlin | June 5, 2002
“Perhaps it’s time to rethink the evangelical sound byte we call the Christian family,” says Robert M. Hicks in The Christian Family in Changing Times.

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