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Mutuality | Blog + Magazine | Summer 2012

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Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

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Moving Forward

Summer 2012

Volume: 19 | Number: 2

Moving Forward: I Believe in Biblical equality . . . Now What?

As egalitarians, God has revealed the truth of biblical equality to us, but now what? What does this mean for our relationships? How does this impact our calling? And, how do we forgive those in the church who have hurt us? This is the idea behind our issue of Mutuality on “Moving Forward.”


Do Not Look Back
By: Megan Greulich | June 5, 2012
Lot’s wife. Let’s be honest: the story seems pretty bizarre to us. And sad. Two angels tell Lot and his family that their city is doomed. Because they are the only righteous people around, Lot and his family will be spared. “Flee, and do not look back,” the angels say, but Lot’s [...]

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Invest and Cultivate: Tools for Empowering Women Leaders
By: Jo Saxton | June 5, 2012
There is no doubt in my mind that God has called women to know him and represent him in today’s world, whether that is in church, in the workplace, in our communities, or at home. But we need to be ready. It’s time to pick up our tools. Take a deep breath and [...]

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Church Happens
By: Greg Boyd | June 5, 2012
Rejection. Manipulation. Oppression. It happens. And Sometimes it happens in the Church. How do we respond when other Christians hurt us?

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The Next Step: Practical Ideas for Egalitarian Churches
By: Megan Greulich | June 5, 2012
Is your church firmly committed to biblical equality? Hurray! If your congregation is looking to take the next step in affirming and valuing the gifts of both women and men, consider these tips:

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When Marriage Isn't Mutual
By: Morven R. Baker | June 5, 2012
The Browns’ church held strongly to the view that “women should be silent” (1 Cor. 14:34), and that all leadership in the church should be male. The congregation was taught that God was male, as Jesus called him “Father” (John 10:30). And, for the first years of their marriage, Norma obediently adhered to the teachings of her church [...]

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Moving Forward, Being Prepared, Giving Reasons
By: Mimi Haddad | June 5, 2012
To gain balance and perspective in understanding 1 Timothy 2:11-15, we lean back and consider how other writers from the first century used authentein. The answer is very helpful.

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