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Mutuality | Blog + Magazine | Autumn 2014

The print + digital magazine of CBE International

Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

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Autumn 2014

Volume: 21 | Number: 3

Singleness: Family, Identity, and Service Beyond Marriage

This issue of Mutuality explores singleness from an egalitarian perspective. We analyze the evangelical obsession with marriage, we rethink identity and cross-gender friendship, and we share the voices of single adults.


A Single Purpose
By: Tim Krueger | September 4, 2014
Paul laments that the demands of family distract from serving the Lord; we teach that service to the Lord and the demands of family are one and the same. 

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A Celebration of Singleness
By: Khristi L. Adams | September 4, 2014
As a single Christian woman in leadership, I often find that people are curious about my marital status.

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The (Single) Christian Life
By: Kate Wallace Nunneley | September 4, 2014
The church can be a difficult environment for single people to navigate. Theologies that emphasize Christian fulfillment through marriage and parenting have caused marriage and the nuclear family to be so elevated that many singles feel like there is no place for them in Christian community.

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Single and Married: Bridging the Identity Divide
By: Vicki Scheib | September 4, 2014
Single adults have much to offer those who are married. And, married adults have much to offer those who are single. By shifting our theological framework to our common, mutual identity as family and friends, we create equality among all adults, and enhance our unity in the body of Christ.

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That They May Be One
By: Katie Driver | September 4, 2014
A church should resemble a healthy family, in which all relationships—regardless of gender or marital status—are deeply valued.

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Single. Female. Pastor.
By: Stephanie Williams | September 4, 2014
Single. Female. Pastor. Three words that are hard to swallow for the general population, much less the Christian community. 

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We Are Family... Or Are We?
By: Claire Bonner | September 4, 2014
I was specifically interested in learning from single adults in complementarian churches like the one my friend attended—churches that often teach or imply that marriage and parenting are the Bible’s ideal for men and women. These questions became the basis of a six-month research project.

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Reflect With Us: God, Grace, and Purity
By: Jo Ellen Heil | September 5, 2014
Just as our sexuality is more than intercourse, purity is far more than sex. Purity stems from the heart. It is a way of being, seeing, speaking, and living. It is a gift of grace from God.

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Single But Never Alone
By: Mimi Haddad | September 4, 2014
Exulting in celibacy and singlehood, the apostle Paul reminds the church in Corinth that the anxieties of marriage are part of a world that is “passing away” (1 Cor. 7:31).

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