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Discovering Biblical Equality: Complementarity Without Hierarchy

By: Royce Gordon Gruenler | June 30, 2006

This volume truly represents a landmark in the reclamation of a good word, "complementarity," from its misuse by the equal-but-unequal school of thought. A formidable collage of scholars with complementary gifts of the Spirit have contributed to a book which is sure to become a primary textbook and resource in the Christian circles of church [...]

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Why I'm a Christian First, a Feminist Second, and Both at the Same Time

By: Tami Zacharias | March 9, 2017

Recently, a friend asked me an unexpected question. “Do you identify first as a Christian or as a feminist?” I was surprised by but not unprepared for her question. I’d considered it before, and the answer is complicated. Stick with me here.

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3 Simple Egalitarian Principles for Reading the Bible

By: Leah Ross | February 7, 2017

We just saw the end of January, the month of fresh starts and new beginnings. For many Christians, it also marks the beginning of an attempt to read the Bible in its entirety, from Genesis to Revelation, in a year. In light of that, I’d like to cover a few basic egalitarian principles that [...]

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Still Side by Side (English)

By: Janet George | December 31, 2016

Still Side by Side: A Concise Explanation of Biblical Gender Equality is a resource for anyone seeking answers to questions about men, women, leadership, and the church.

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Examining the Twelve Biblical Pillars of Male Hierarchy

By: Philip B. Payne | November 1, 2012

When some argue that the Bible opposes the equal standing of man and woman in the church and home, they are taking the issue to the final court of appeals, as they should. Twelve seemingly strong biblical pillars support their argument...

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The Bible Teaches the Equal Standing of Man and Woman

By: Philip B. Payne | January 31, 2015

From creation to new creation, the Bible’s message about gender in the church and marriage consistently affirms the equal standing of man and woman.

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Is God Male?

By: Mimi Haddad | September 5, 2012

For the first time in history, significantly fewer women in North America are serving or participating in the life of the church, according to the George Barna Group—considered the leading research organization studying faith and culture. Several weeks after Barna released their twenty-year study, two prominent pastors’ conferences focused on the need for male-only [...]

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5 False Assumptions About Egalitarians

By: Rachel Asproth | August 31, 2016

I’d like to correct some of the most common false assumptions about egalitarian theology. I hear these a lot, but they’re simply not true.

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Does the Big Picture of Scripture Truly Teach Gender Equality?

By: Ronald W. Pierce | July 6, 2015

It was careful and open-minded study of Scripture during my first ten years of teaching that led me to become a passionate advocate for biblical, gender equality. This brief survey of the six most often debated “gender texts” summarizes my reasons for such an important change of mind.

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Biblical Gender Equality: A Summary

By: CBE International, Philip B. Payne | January 1, 2015

This booklet summarizes the egalitarian position of Scripture—that Christians, both female and male, are equally called to exercise their God-given gifts with equal authority and equal responsibility in the church, home, and world.

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