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Where Selma and Egalitarianism Intersect

By: tim+anne evans | February 24, 2015

As followers of Christ who believe in the egalitarian principle of full functional equality for men and women, we watched Selma and noticed similarities between many churches view of functional equality for women, and the treatment of African Americans before they were considered equals.

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The Patriarchs Are Coming! Why are they arriving on the scene and in our churches?

By: Del Birkey | April 30, 2000

The partriarchs are coming to church! But what kind of persons would claim such an epithet? In fact, the neopatriarchs who are now coming are those who identify with the ancient, old-order patriarchy. And why are they now arriving on the scene and in our churches? And what is their agenda, hidden or spoken?

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Is God Masculine?

By: Alan G. Padgett | October 31, 2002

While agreeing that God is not male, some tradition-minded Christians have taught that God is masculine. The difference here is that God may represent a kind of masculine spiritual principle without being “male” in the literal sense. The purpose of this article is to refute this idea

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When God Says Rebel

By: Molly Aley | June 5, 2007

I once wholly believed in a patriarchal view—not only believed it, but lived it. I didn’t care if it didn’t feel good, I cared about obeying God.

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A Man For All People

By: Brynn Camery-Hoggatt | March 5, 2006

Many, particularly women, have felt that the patriarchal overtones of Scripture exclude them from participating in God’s divine work: only men are to be the leaders, preachers, and teachers. They find the masculinity of Jesus limiting instead of liberating because they cannot relate to His male identity. 

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Servanthood or Soft Patriarchy? A Christian Feminist Looks at the Promise Keepers Movement

By: Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen | April 30, 1997

Promise Keepers has so far embraced a rhetoric of both servanthood and soft patriarchy, a position ambiguous enough to make Christian feminists of both sexes push them for greater clarity. “Promise Keepers will have to walk a narrow line,” writes seminary professor Howard Snyder, “calling for male leadership without putting down the leadership of women.”

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Conduits of Extraordinary Compassion

By: Elaine Heath, Tim Krueger, Megan Greulich | March 5, 2013

Pastor Elaine Heath discusses the Bible’s hope for those who have suffered through sexual assault and how the church can become a safe place for survivors.

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Washed Clean

By: Muylen Orng | September 5, 2013

The gospel undermines the devaluation of Cambodian women.

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The Harmful Practice of Patriarchy: The Tenets Need to Go, Too (Part 2)

By: Chris Jeub | July 23, 2014

The culture of patriarchy stems from the tenets discussed in Part 1, but there are two subtle deceptions that have created unhealthy homeschool environments.

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The Tenets Need to Go, Too (Part 1)

By: Chris Jeub | July 16, 2014

The number-one tenet in the mind of a patriarchal believer is that God is male in nature. The idea that fathers have a God-given authority in every facet of life, especially the family, stems from the first of Phillips' seven tenets, and probably the most important in his mind.

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