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Type of Resource: Author/Speaker

Lola Scobey

Lola Scobey is co-founder of Audio-Therapy Innovations, an entrepreneurial company that for 17 years has pioneered the use of music therapy for children. She is also a writer,

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Bradley Harris

Canadian Bradley Harris designs and delivers training for a large United States retailer and logistics firm, living in Tennessee with his wife, Trish, and three children. He

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Harriet Sider Bicksler

Harriet Sider Bicksler is a publications specialist for a state-funded  training institute that provides continuing education opportunities for  children’s mental health workers. She lives in Pennsylvania  where

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Camilla Swain

Camilla Swain is an academic advisor/associate professor for at-risk first-year students in a partnership between Ivy Tech Community College and University of Southern Indiana. She also teaches classes

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Howard E. Frost

Dr. Frost is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Bundesinstitut für Ostwissenschaftliche und Internationale Studien, Cologne, Germany. While most of his publications have dealt with foreign and

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