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Published Date: July 17, 2013

Published Date: July 17, 2013

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Youth Curriculum in Kenya

 CBE’s Youth Curriculum, Called Out, has recently made its way to Kenya! On May 28, 2013 Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education (EFOGE)—a CBE partner organization—held a meeting between church and school leaders to plan how they could engage youth with the knowledge and skills of biblical equality. Seven secondary schools were brought together within the Bondo and Rarieda District, one of the poorest areas in Kenya.

 The Venerable Monica Owiti, the new and first archdeacon of the area, facilitated the program and Reverend Domnic Misolo led the meeting. Misolo made sure to emphasize the mission, vision, and objectives of EFOGE, which are similar to CBE’s: to promote the biblical basis for the shared leadership of males and females. Above all, he clarified that the purpose of the meeting was to find ways to empower students and schools with biblical knowledge and skills that inspire men and women to use their gifts equally.

The curriculum was held in high praise by all of the clergy (including the bishop) and teachers present. They recommendedCalled Out as the best curriculum available to teach young people about gender equality. The clergy and teachers thought the text could be used inside and outside of the educational setting as both a resource for Bible studies and counseling.

Although naturally there were some areas the curriculum could be refined for a Kenyan setting, the clergy and teachers are partnering with the EFOGE and CBE. They have big plans for the book! In an effort to better Kenya’s future through its youth, the educational administration plans to use the CBE youth curriculum within the structure and programs of the schools. The teachers and priests will develop specific objectives out of the curriculum, formulating goals and ideas for their weekly Bible studies in the schools and Sunday services. The bishop even hopes to have an annual youth conference about Biblical equality based on the curriculum.

Now that the plans are finalized, it will be a short time before a visible change takes place in the Bondo and Rarieda District of Kenya. With the curriculum in place, the determination of students and leadership, and the prayer support of those around the globe, Kenyan leaders—both men and women—will rise up to change their world.

Summarized by Madeline Pasch