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Published Date: October 1, 2016

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Wounded Women in the Bible

On this week’s episode, hosts Mimi and Kim meet with Pauline Hassan Burkey to discuss her journey towards belonging as an immigrant to the United States. As a small child she, her mother, and her baby brother made the journey from a Kenyan refugee camp to San Diego, California, where she first learned to relate to the various cultures in which she was immersed. She also reflects on her mother breaking the Sudanese cultural codes around a woman’s place. Despite criticism from the women in her community, she served as an advocate and community organizer for her refugee community in San Diego, often the only woman serving among all men. Her mother modeled for Pauline how women can be whomever they are meant to be. 

2016 “Truth Be Told” Conference in South Africa

A lecture from the 2016 international conference in Johannesburg.