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Published Date: October 29, 2021

Published Date: October 29, 2021

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Women and Men Leading Together: Co-Pastoring While Married

This week on the Women and Men Leading Together thread: What do mixed-gender partnerships look like when you’re married…to your ministry partner?!? Layla and Rob learn from Jeff and April Fiet, married co-pastors of First Presbyterian Church in Scottsbluff, NE. Putting their 14 years of co-leading to work, the Fiets provide a long and helpful litany of practical tips for joyful and sustainable ministry partnerships between spouses.  Here’s how to connect with the Fiets: 
  • Jeff’s Twitter handle is @jeffreyfiet 
  • April’s handle for Instagram and Twitter is @aprilfiet, and her website is Sign up for her newsletter, At the Table with April Fiet, here, and April’s book, The Sacred Pulse: Holy Rhythms for Overwhelmed Souls, is coming in December from Broadleaf Books.  
Read more of April’s story in her article, “Life by Committee,” for CBE’s Mutuality magazine.
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