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Published Date: May 3, 2024

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Women and Words: Marriage in the Greco-Roman World in Translation with Dr. Roy Ciampa

In this episode of Mutuality Matters, hosted by CBE International, Dr. Roy Ciampa discusses the significance of Bible translation and its impact on women worldwide. As a seasoned Bible translator and professor, Dr. Ciampa highlights how translations can shape perceptions of gender roles, stressing the importance of considering cultural contexts to avoid perpetuating patriarchal interpretations. He delves into the challenges of domesticating and foreignizing translations, the misinterpretation of biblical texts regarding women, and how translations might better honor women’s roles in biblical texts and today’s context. The episode also explores the influence of English Bible translations globally, particularly concerning women’s leadership and addressing abuse. Dr. Ciampa expresses his hope for future translations to more fully recognize women’s worth and contributions, in alignment with an egalitarian view of scripture that sees men and women as equal in authority and leadership in all spheres of life. 

00:00 Welcome to Mutuality Matters 

00:31 Introducing Dr. Roy Ciampa: A Scholar’s Journey 

04:17 The Impact of Bible Translation on Gender and Race 

08:24 Exploring the Greco-Roman Context of Biblical Texts 

15:35 The Challenge of Domesticating and Foreignizing Translations 

20:56 Elevating Women’s Stories in Scripture and History 

33:31 Dreams for Future Bible Translations and Women’s Roles 

35:08 Closing Thoughts and Resources 
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