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Published Date: March 5, 2008

Published Date: March 5, 2008

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Wild at Heart For Jesus

Have you ever been given an award for an important achievement and had an opportunity to thank people who had invested in your life? What if you were given that chance again, but this time you were asked to thank individuals whom you have never met personally, but who, nonetheless, served as significant mentors and role models? Are there people in your life who have contributed significantly to your vision and calling though you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting them personally? That is the purpose of history!

Many women lack mentors who can model Christian leadership. That is why I celebrate mentors and role models from previous generations, trusting that their legacy will inspire audiences to new levels of courage and Christian service.

Just last month I was lecturing to students at the Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh. These bright, impassioned, and eager students are ready to lead the world to Christ. As I recalled the significant contributions of leaders like Sojourner Truth, Amanda Berry Smith, Katharine Bushnell, Jessie Penn-Lewis, and Josephine Butler, spines straightened, eyes began to flash, and faces looked more determined and confident than ever. It was just amazing to see how the accomplishments of women from the past inspired a confidence in God’s power to lead and guide today! What a gift it is to become acquainted with a powerful Christian woman who served Jesus courageously, intelligently, and devoutly despite many obstacles!

Will you join CBE in giving new models and mentors to people around the world? There are so many Christian colleges and seminaries that do not have the funds to subscribe to CBE’s journals, Mutuality and Priscilla Papers. Yet, CBE’s award winning journals frequently provide women with role models and biblical support to develop their God-given gifts and to pursue their callings, despite many obstacles.

To celebrate Women’s History month, please join hands with CBE in providing students in your town with role models and mentors through a gift subscription to CBE’s award winning journals. Just phone your local Christian high school, college, seminary, or church and ask if they subscribe to Priscilla Papers or Mutuality. If they don’t, consider donating a three year subscription. Or give a friend a gift subscription to CBE’s journals. Be the reason someone discovers that they can use their God-given gifts for Jesus. Watch that fire grow in their eyes because they have a new role model and mentor who lived their life well for Christ’s kingdom. We want a whole generation of women who are wild-at-heart for Jesus!