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Published Date: August 1, 2000

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Alayna Owens
Alayna Owens

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Why Not Women : A Biblical Study of Women in Missions, Ministry, and Leadership

Multiple millions of women all over the world are looking over the church’s shoulder, longing to see the freedom Jesus purchased for them at Calvary. Millions more have found freedom in Jesus but are still bound by human ideas—ideas that pressure a woman to let culture, not God, determine her place in the kingdom.

While hurting men and women outside the church cry out, “Is there any hope? Does anyone care?” their sisters in the church are asking, “How can I share the hope I have? How can I, a woman, serve the Lord?” Many women, having heard God call them into public roles in the kingdom, are serving in positions of leadership. They are asking, “Will the church support us?”

We must respond. The issue of women in missions, ministry, and leadership is dividing homes, churches, communities, even societies. We must respond responsibly, for we never want to find ourselves working against God’s purposes, quenching his Spirit at work in the lives of those he has called. We must respond carefully, since God’s truth often stands in direct opposition to what the majority of people believe.