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Published Date: November 11, 2021

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Why Can’t Women Do That?

Publisher's Description

Why Can’t Women Do That? is the best overall book for lay people on the roles of women in the church! In Why Can’t Women Do That? Philip B. Payne and Vince Huffaker explore the concerns that many Christians have regarding the leadership of women and analyze every relevant Bible passage to show that yes, women can! You are invited to come and see God’s wonderful design for men and women to live and work alongside each other as equals!

  • Come and see how the plain text of the Bible, when properly translated and interpreted, affirms the shared leadership, authority, and gifting of both men and women.
  • Come and see the mistranslations and mistaken interpretations which have subjugated women for centuries.
  • Come and see the visual, historical evidence that Corinthians 14:34-35 (“Women should remain silent…”) was not part of Paul’s letter but was added later.
  • Come and see how the Bible praises women leaders.
  • Come and see how Jesus treated women and men as equals.

This book is written to everybody in the Christian community, regardless of where they stand on the issue. It is written in an easy-to-read, casual, non-confrontational manner that is challenging and thought-provoking, but not insulting. The first part of the book discusses general principles and church traditions to support the belief that men and women should work together as equals. The second part analyzes the Bible passages, including those commonly used to prove that women shouldn’t lead. Why Can’t Women Do That? strips the complex theology down to its main points and presents a compelling case for the inclusion of women in a simple, straightforward style that everyone can understand. This book is perfect for individuals, small groups, pastors, and churches as they reflect on the leadership roles of women.