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Published Date: March 4, 1997

Book Info

Published Date: March 4, 1997

Book Info

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What Does She Want from Me, Anyway?: Honest Answers to the Questions Men Ask About Women

Publisher's Description

Publisher’s description (please note that CBE does not endorse What Does She Want From Me, Anyway?):

Holly Faith Phillips has seen men transformed before her very eyes, starting with her own husband, Randy. She has seen marriages on the brink of divorce saved. She has seen outwardly appearing good marriages made genuine, and truly good marriages made great. Now, in What Does She Want from Me, Anyway?, she speaks to men on behalf of their wives and the other women in their lives in order to help them better understand the great need for honest but respectful communication in their relationships.

With love and leadership, she explores those questions men are asking, not the questions women think they should be asking, such as “can I conquer the fears that have kept me silent?” and “do I get her to respect me?” Written with the same dynamic energy that has made its author one of the Promise Keepers most motivational speakers, this invaluable volume promises to be a godsend for both men and women everywhere.

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