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Published Date: May 28, 2008

Published Date: May 28, 2008

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Watch Us Fly!

Sitting in a sunny hallway the other day, I caught sight of a young girl coming my way. She was tripping along, tailing her brother, and together they were playing a silly game. As she passed me, she held out a tiny arm and giggled, “My wing is broken.” Two minutes later she returned, still flapping her arm, and without any sense of adult contradiction, chirped, “Watch how I fly!”

At CBE, we recognize the long journey women have been on toward wholeness and healing. We understand that women have often felt as if their wings have been broken, their spirits grounded, their gifting denied. They have been told that a woman leading is a contradiction. It is easy to get discouraged on a road that often is full of potholes, contradictions, and disappointments. However, when we look at Christ we see that he repeatedly faced discouragement yet did not give up. Instead Christ embodied what society saw as paradox—paying no attention to what was deemed improper or contradictory. He was strong but vulnerable, servant but king, meek yet powerful.

Will you join CBE as we reach out to the world seeking God’s healing and truth, even as we encounter conflicting messages from portions of the church? As we transcend the error that women are human but not human, we work arduously to present the biblical message that women are fully human, created in God’s image, gifted for ministry, and called to use these gifts even when doors close in their faces. We face contradictions yet are ready to respond to biblical truth and the calling of Christ. We are on a road of healing and reconciliation. Watch how we fly!