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Published Date: November 2, 2022

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Video: Where Are Women’s Voices in Arab Christian Theology?

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From CBE’s 2022 Conference “Exploring the Fullness of Galatians 3:28” in Atlanta Georgia.  

This workshop explores actual roles for Arab women in theological education while also suggesting potential roles. As we sketch out where the theological education of Arab women positions itself within the wider Arab society in the Middle East, we must recognise it is situated in an area of religious plurality, and hence the key factors that influence roles for Arab women in theological education are the context of cultural tradition, and ecclesiastical context and Western influence. This work is not suggesting that Arab women would want to see things that may not be there, but that they ought to read the tradition in such a way that is complete. Arab Women’s involvement in the academic theological world demonstrates that, to them, critical thinking, reasoning, and artistic expressions are fundamental to the flourishing of the church and academy. Their aspiration is to belong to a homeland in which all the rich emotions of human life can be expressed freely. Their desire to live in a non-patriarchal context reflects their concern for a just society ensuring that the dignity of each individual is protected. The focus on the theological education of females in the Middle East who are considerably disadvantaged with regard to access to education, having far less opportunity to be educated than their male counterparts is a driving force behind any sacrifices women make in remaining in their own homelands.