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Published Date: November 2, 2022

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Video: Using Biblical Female Imagery to Bolster Self-Esteem in Women

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From CBE’s 2022 Conference “Exploring the Fullness of Galatians 3:28” in Atlanta Georgia.  

Part of the challenge of Galatians 3:28 is to encourage women, servants/slaves, and Gentiles to overcome the lowered self-esteem they may have received as a result of suffering oppression. Substituting positive images for the negative images those oppressed now endure may be helpful in raising self-esteem. For this task, this ministry-oriented workshop fi rst examines feminine biblical images of God’s nature, then explores positive encounters of biblical women with God, next and fi nally discusses parables that help our nature refl ect God’s. This workshop includes reports and resources from leaders, worksheet handouts to guide interactive discussion for sharing participant insights, and a fi nal panel to fi eld questions and share answers together.