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Published Date: October 30, 2006

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Published Date: October 30, 2006

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Speaking the Truth in Love: The Life and Legacy of Roger Nicole

Publisher's Description

“This is a fascinating overview of the life and labors of one of the America’s most gifted evangelical theologians. Drawing deeply from the wells of Reformation theology in the tradition of Calvin, Bunyan, Owen, Edwards, and Bavinck, Roger Nicole has set forth a compelling vision of theology as a discipline in the service of the church. And he has done so with grace, wit, insight, passion, and the kind of wisdom evangelicals need more of today. Though I never took a class with Roger Nicole, I am certainly one of his students and I commend this telling of his story to all who care about the Bible’s God, the church’s faith, and the world’s need for the gospel of grace.” —Dr. Timothy George

“Awesome for brain power, learning, and wisdom, endlessly patient and courteous in his gentle geniality, and beloved by a multitude as pastor, mentor, and friend, veteran Reformed theologian Roger Nicole comes beautifully to life in this warm-hearted biographical tribute. Thank you, David Bailey.” —Dr. James I. Packer

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