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Published Date: March 27, 2015

Published Date: March 27, 2015

Featured Articles

Featured Articles

The Scroll Links Up (March 27, 2015)

Hello friends. I’m really excited about these great posts I found around the web recently. They speak great hope and great truth about egalitarianism, women’s history, and the Kingdom of God. Enjoy these posts about being a woman who leads, Christian feminism, the definition of manhood, women apologists, Christian sisterhood, and women leaders in the American colonies.

From around the web:

“Being a woman who leads… let me tell you why it’s worth it” by Stephanie Williams
“’I want to be a church speaker when I grow up,’ she stated with confidence.
I was so thrilled that all I could say was, ‘Wow!’
‘You are going to have to show me the ropes, and how everything works.’ She said with an ever-so-slight struggle with pronouncing the letter R that made the statement almost too cute to handle.”

 “What Does It Look Like to be a Christian Feminist?” by Amy R. Buckley (Relevant Magazine)
“In recent years, feminism has grown in popularity. As the public becomes more educated about what feminists really do (i.e. not bra burning), more people value what they have offer. More than ever, we see feminists making a difference—in sports, business, entertainment, media, education, government, politics, NPOs, the list goes on.

In response, I believe it is time for Christians to rethink feminism.”

“What Makes A Man” from Paul Tripp Ministries
“What do all of these stories have in common? They point to an important cultural conversation taking place both outside and inside the church: Is manhood under siege? What does a real man look like? What do we do about the growing cultural dynamic of protracted boyhood? Who will teach our boys to be men? In teaching boys to be men, how do we avoid narrow cultural stereotypes? What does the Bible say about gender distinction? What does it teach about a man being a man? How different are men from women?”

“The Unexpected Defenders: Meet the Women Apologists” by Andrea Palpant Dilley (Christianity Today)
“The next big breakthrough in apologetics will come from women,” says John Mark Reynolds, hbu’s provost and former Biola University philosophy professor. “If Genesis is true—if you believe male and female are deep categories that are tied to the creation of humankind and the image of God—then to fail to hear a woman’s voice on a topic would be to fail to hear something the Holy Spirit is saying to our generation.”

“The Christian Sisterhood, For Better and For Worse” by Esther Emery
“I could be done with the Christian sisterhood. One more mid-week Bible study on the Proverbs 31 woman and I’m out. I’d rather hang out with pine trees anyway.

Except for this hope…that together we might plant and spread a kingdom seed. A seed that whispers freedom and value for every precious soul. Liberation instead of enslavement. The reversal of power structures that house and protect abusers at the expense of the abused. The fierce warrior work of making room for every, every soul to flourish and to grow.” 

“More Than Footnotes Part 4: Women Leaders In The American Colonies” by Michael Wiltshire
“With the influence of the First Great Awakening of American religion (1730s-1740s) as impetus, women in American Christianity were driven by the experience of conversion to transcend prescribed roles and self-understandings. Though governmental legislation and Church policy would remain mostly hierarchical, women in the earliest days of America stand as impressive examples that the Spirit works within the marginalized to bring liberation to all.” 

Recently on the CBE Scroll:

“Women’s History Month: Amani Mustafa” by Lexi Friesen
“Amani Mustafa, a former Muslim, has spent much of her life on the run, facing abuse and neglect, all the while remaining faithful to God. As a teenager, her mom secretly became a Christian while living in a Muslim community in Egypt. Appalled by her mother’s decision, Amani looked for ways to contradict her mother’s newfound faith. Instead, her eyes were opened to the truth of God’s love. She, too, became a Christian.”

“Women’s History Month: The 19th Century” by Lexi Friesen
“An introduction to Harriet Beecher Stowe, Phoebe Palmer, Betsey Stockton, Nellie and Topsy Saunders, and High Chiefess Kapi’olani.”

“Women’s History Month: Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin” by Tim Krueger
“Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin has a habit of making history.

Hudson-Wilkin has overcome poverty, racism, sexism, and tradition to become a high-profile minister, trailblazer, and advocate. Born into poverty in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Hudson-Wilkin was raised by her father and aunt in Jamaica, but eventually moved to the UK where she pursued a career as a minister.”


What articles about biblical gender equality encouraged you this week? Share them with us in the comments!

*Note: Linking to these posts is not a CBE endorsement of previous or future written work or statements made by the authors.