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Published Date: September 26, 2014

Published Date: September 26, 2014

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Featured Articles

The Scroll Links Up 9/26/14

Another great week in the blogosphere! Enjoy these articles we’ve curated for you from our brothers and sisters in Christ who are advocating for biblical gender equality. 

All Men Should be Farmers, by Elesha Coffman (Christianity Today)

“Even from a practical standpoint, it is clear that all men should be farmers. Everyone needs to eat. What could possibly be more life-giving and life-affirming than food?”

Women in Church Leadership Isn’t a Secondary Issue, by Kate Dewhurst (The Junia Project)

“Some say the issue of women in leadership is important, but it’s not a primary issue. However, if the gospel is the primary issue, if the good news of Jesus is the primary issue, if the transformative power of God is the primary issue, then the flourishing of women and girls in their gifts is inextricably bound up with it.”

“Workers at home” or “keepers at home” in Titus 2:5? By Marg Mowczko

“Unlike what some people have suggested, Paul was not thinking about women taking on a significant role of spiritual protection or guardianship of the household when he wrote Titus 2:5.  Rather he wanted the young women to comply with the usual moral standards and virtues of the typical Roman matron.  Paul’s reason for this compliance was that he did not want the behaviour of the young women to cause controversy and unease in the broader community which could lead to the gospel being given a bad name and dishonored.”

#HeForShe is also for Him, by Jeremiah Gibbs

“As I have said in my post explaining my own advocacy for women’s leadership in the church, the statistics say that evangelical leaders (and I suspect that most other Christian leaders) are supportive of women’s equality when asked in a survey. But too many of those men either believe that the issue is not critical enough to warrant speaking up or they are afraid of the consequences of doing so among their colleagues. Those men remain silent.”


This Week on The Scroll

New Testament Insights on Marriage, Singleness, and the Family (of God) – Part 3, by David Cramer

“This passage in Galatians not only speaks to the fact that our fundamental identity is in Christ rather than our gender or nationality, but by calling those in Christ children of God and fellow heirs, it also suggests that the most fundamental social unit for Christians is not the biological family but the Church—the family of God.”

What articles about biblical gender equality spoke to you this week? Share them with us in the comments!

*Note: Linking to these posts is not a CBE endorsement of previous or future written work or statements made by the authors.