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Published Date: November 14, 2014

Published Date: November 14, 2014

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Featured Articles

The Scroll Links Up 11/14/14

It came right down the last minute, but I managed to find a few posts to share this week. It always amazes me that I’m able to find new posts, week after week, to share with you. (I’d also appreciate help curating these, so if you see a post this week that you think should be featured next Friday, please post it in the comments or tweet it at me @naomi_writes.) But I shouldn’t be surprised. God is moving!

These are wonderful pieces. Enjoy!

The prominent evangelical woman you don’t know…but should, by Jonathan Merritt (Religious News Service)

“She was a bestselling author and powerful advocate for education of the poor who transformed Britain’s upper class and helped end the slave trade. This prominent evangelical’s name is Hannah More, and you’ve likely never heard of her.”

A women’s cause: Finding hope and courage after Typhoon Haiyan, by Shayne Moore (World Vision)

“I found solidarity with these women and mothers who are aware of the reality of human trafficking in their midst and fight against it. They explain to me that it is complicated because the people connecting the children to the traffickers are often known and trusted in the community. I am in awe of these women’s courage to stand up for what is right even when it may cause them trouble.”

The Proverbs 31 Woman and Me, by Hannah Helms (The Junia Project)

“It’s a daunting task, and one that is puzzling at times. How do I ensure that my child will have a heart that is compassionate toward the poor and vulnerable? How can I ensure that this tiny person will someday work diligently to meet the needs of her family? Even if we model good financial stewardship, how can we guarantee that she will she be prudent in that regard? There are so many questions that need answers.”

Hospitality: More Than Teacups and Tablecloths, by Corrie Gus

“Biblical hospitality is a outworking of inner holiness. Every time we show hospitality to a stranger we grow more and more like our God who made space in the Kingdom of Heaven not just for Jews, but for Gentiles, Samaritans, women, children, lepers, prostitutes, adulterers, and sinners of every kind like you and me. If you think that you don’t have what it takes to be hospitable, remember that God has made a place for you in his kingdom. Do you deserve this? No! But by the grace, mercy and love of God, you are welcome.”

This Week on The Scroll

Elders – What’s In the Name? by Liz Sykes

“I tried to encourage her that elders don’t have to be leaders in the way it is often practised, and that the word translated ‘elder’ means one who cares for the church – one who takes responsibility for the welfare of others and is a good example of godly living. I don’t think she was convinced – so ingrained is the idea of elders being the top of the pecking order in the churches.”

7% Matter: Listening to Women in Evangelical Academia, by Emily Zimbrick-Rogers

“So much formation occurs through professors who act as mentors and guides, who can either open wide the possibilities for a young person or constrict a young person’s vision of the future. And while men may be excellent mentors, for a variety of reasons, young women also need female mentors. I want to understand the experiences of these women mentors, these women academics, who are teaching, mentoring, and writing excellent scholarship.”


What articles about biblical gender equality encouraged you this week? Share them with us in the comments!

*Note: Linking to these posts is not a CBE endorsement of previous or future written work or statements made by the authors.