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Published Date: October 17, 2014

Published Date: October 17, 2014

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Featured Articles

The Scroll Links Up 10/17/14

Building Fences & Taking Sides, by Cayla Pruett (The Junia Project)

“The more I dive into the cause of women and gender [in]equality, both within the church and around the globe, the more personal the issue becomes for me, and the more determined I become to build a fence simply to demonstrate that I will not be found sitting on it.”

Jesus Was a Feminist – a poem by Robin Merrill (The Beautiful Kingdom Warriors)

“You see, I have a daughter now.  And that girl,
she’s a feminist, because nobody’s told her yet that she’s not
supposed to be”

Who Are Man and Woman? By RJS (The Jesus Creed)

“Male and female were created complementary without hierarchy. Now, Provan’s reading runs counter to that suggested by many in our church, with female the submissive helper for the male created first and placed in authority. But in his reading woman was not created to be a helper for man, rather the human was split into man and woman. Marriage is a rejoining of the human.”


This Week on The Scroll

Priscilla Papers 28.4 Preview: Old Testament Women, by Jeffrey D. Miller

“Tamar was raped, silenced, and left desolate by Amnon, David’s firstborn son and heir to the Davidic throne, within the palace of the king. But her story does not end here. Tamar has a voice, and her community has made sure that her voice is not silenced. This community, represented by the biblical writers, stands with Tamar, validates her voice, and acknowledges her suffering. Through the biblical writers we hear Tamar’s voice of wisdom and outrage.”

A Warrior Priesthood Is Essential: Really? – Part 2, by Francis H. Geis

“The story of Adam and Eve, as it is related in Genesis 1-2, demonstrates that both man and woman were created in God’s image, that both were fully and equally responsible for governing and managing the earth for God, and that Eve was created in such a manner as to demonstrate the similarity and one-flesh relationship.”


What articles about biblical gender equality spoke to you this week? Share them with us in the comments!

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