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Published Date: June 9, 2004

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Published Date: June 9, 2004

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Rise Up: A Call to Leadership for African American Women

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Do you hear the call to lead? “The world needs women to stand in leadership,” writes Sylvia Rose, “black women in particular. We need to lead from the insight that we have had at the bottom. We need to take our valley experiences to those on the mountaintop. We need to serve as lawyers for those who, through mere birth and bad breaks, cannot know justice in a system that too often recognizes and rewards wealth. We must be jurists because we have been misjudged. We must sit on corporate boards and become CEOs because we make up a great majority of the blue-collar jobs that fill the coffers of the corporate world. We have been great mothers but it’s time for us to birth other things. This generation needs something that our lives contain, and we must answer their call.” God calls all of us to serve with our gifts. As we follow God into leadership, we will need new skills. Drawing on her own rich experience as well as the experience of others, Sylvia Rose shows us the way through some of the challenges, such as facing crisis, acting with courage, listening to your conscience, maintaining your commitment, and developing compassion.

Are you ready to follow God even into leadership? It will be the greatest challenge and the most thrilling opportunity of your life.

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