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Published Date: December 10, 2021

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New Voices: So, Are Women Equal Yet!? with guest Deirdre Jonese Austin

This week on the New Voices thread: The latest issue of Mutuality magazine just dropped and Blake and Erin have the inside scoop! In this episode, our hosts share their thoughts on the articles, providing an overview of the issue’s content. As a special treat, Blake and Erin do a spotlight segment with Deirdre “Jonese” Austin about her article. Enjoy this special segment and interview and then go read the winter issue of Mutuality magazine. And don’t forget to follow the work of Deirdre Jonese Austin! Read more CBE articles by Dierdre “Jonese” Austin: The Freedom-Faith of Rev. Dr. Prathia Hall Wynn What I Wish You Knew About Black Women in Ministry: An Open Letter In the “Can we Man It Up?” episode, Erin and Blake interview Dr. William G. Witt, author of Icons of Christ: A Biblical and Systematic Theology for Women’s Ordination Pre-order CBE’s latest book, Created to Thrive: Cultivating Abuse-Free Faith Communities, and get a bundle of free perks!
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