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Published Date: July 26, 2014

Published Date: July 26, 2014

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United in Christ: Liberian Men and Women

With our recent conference in Colombia, and today being Liberian Independence Day, I couldn’t help but remember that this exact time last year I was in my homeland of Liberia, and how our conference theme fits exactly with the experience that I had there.

Liberian women created a movement of liberation during the civil war, and after it, they are creating a movement of sustainability, peace, and equality. This movement has intense religious ties, as ordinary market women realized the change that they could bring to their country.

My experience in Colombia and the conference topic of identity in Christ made me realize that I became confident of that identity in Liberia. Post-war Liberia is now beginning to highlight the equality that God has put in both men and women, equipping us each with gifts that help us lead peaceful lives.  This is emphasized though the roles that women play in society as leaders and peacemakers. Men and women have taken up the call to stand together side by side to reconstruct a country that will be based on justice and equality.   Looking back now, I was so blessed to work beside Christ-centered women who always knew where their strength came from, and answered the call from God to be a part of the change in their country.

What experiences in life have helped you affirm your identity in Christ? Please share in the comments below.