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Published Date: October 22, 2008

Published Date: October 22, 2008

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How One Piece of Paper Changed Lives

Do you realize that CBE’s statement on “Men, Women, and Biblical Equality” is the most frequently requested resource in all of CBE’s ministry? In fact, requests for this one-page document remain strong even after 20 years! Now translated into 25 different languages, CBE’s earliest manifesto continues to challenge individuals, churches, and organizations, becoming the most influential egalitarian document in the history of CBE.

According to Dr. Roger Nicole, former president and founding member of the Evangelical Theological Society, because of the inadequate biblical premise upon which churches, organizations, and mission groups excluded the gifts of women, he joined six others in writing CBE’s statement on “Men, Women, and Biblical Equality.” Roger said that, “Having shared with six others the responsibility of drafting the original manifesto for the Christians for Biblical Equality, I stand firmly committed to the same. I believe that most, if not all, of the restrictions on women in society have no basis in Scripture; and that those maintained in the Church are based on an inadequate interpretation of a few restrictive passages which put them in contradiction with the manifest special concern and love of God for women articulated from Genesis to Revelation. I do believe that in the eschaton all the redeemed will endorse biblical equality, since all of them will together constitute the bride of Christ.”

CBE’s statement on “Men, Women, and Biblical Equality” has become the basis upon which hundreds of churches and organizations have developed their gender policies. Nearly every week CBE receives permission requests to reprint this seminal document for audiences around the world. Friends, this is where your help is so vital!

Over the past several weeks, we have received an unprecedented number of requests from individuals searching for an egalitarian church. Christians are hungry for a place to worship and serve without regard to gender, ethnicity, or class. Men and women long to share authority and ministry together as co-laborers in Christ. If you are part of an egalitarian church will you help us? Ask your church to email us at so others can join a fellowship that supports their egalitarian ideals.

Why not also consider giving your church a CBE membership so your pastor and church staff will receive quarterly issues of our award winning journals, Priscilla Papers and Mutuality, a book for their library, as well as significant discounts on CBE conferences, recordings, and resources in Equality Depot.

We realize that our challenge as egalitarians is one of education—of developing and distributing sound biblical resources that empower Christians to develop and use their God-given gifts without gender barriers. Join us in praying that God will open many new doors before the year is over. Thank you!