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Published Date: June 17, 2020

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The Headship of Men and the Abuse of Women: Are They Related in Any Way?

In recent years the issue of domestic abuse and violence has gained a lot of attention as the extent of it has become known. Domestic abuse and violence is now of high concern to most churches because it is evident that domestic abuse figures are much the same in our churches as in society, and possibly higher in evangelical churches where the headship of men and the submission of women is taught as a God-given ideal. In this book, Kevin Giles competently surveys the available scientific information on this matter and notes the consensus that the most sure indicator of higher incidences of abuse is found in communities where men are privileged and expected to be in charge and women are subordinated. This, he argues, should make complementarians consider afresh if in fact the subordination of women is the God-given ideal, established in creation before the fall.