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Published Date: November 2, 2011

Published Date: November 2, 2011

Featured Articles

Featured Articles

God Meets Needs

If you were connected with CBE around this time last year, you may remember Give to the Max Day (GTMD), a fundraising campaign for Minnesota-based nonprofits sponsored by GiveMN.org. Last year, we made it our goal to raise enough money for a full-time staff member—and we nearly did it! With over $24,000 God gave us on GTMD, we hired Tim Krueger as a much needed part-time employee. In the few months that Tim has been with us, he has completed several vital projects such as updating our journal indexes, which assist libraries and research students to locate material published by CBE.

Over the last two years, recession years, God used GTMD not only to keep CBE afloat, but also to expand our ministry! In 2009, we raised over $21,000 on GTMD and over $24,000 in 2010. Last year, CBE competed with all nonprofits in the Twin Cities to have the largest number of donors. We came in 64th place out of more than 1,500 organizations, but raised more money than some of those in the top ten!

Give to the Max 2011 is just around the corner. Anyone who donates through CBE’s profile on GiveMN.org in the 24 hours between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm on November 16 will increase CBE’s chances of gaining thousands of extra dollars through GiveMN’s incentives. What will CBE do with the money from GTMD this year? We are raising money for egalitarian resources for youth. Unfortunately, each year we find more and more Sunday school curriculum, dating guides, and teen devotionals that promote male-only authority as a biblical norm. There is a desperate need for youth resources, particularly interactive curriculum that provides a clear understanding that God values and extends authority to both males and females.

Through GTMD, we are working to raise $35,000 to update our website, making it more interactive, to create badly needed curriculum for youth, and to translate popular resources into Swahili. These funds will also be used to provide scholarships for students to attend our conferences in Chicago, Houston, and Nairobi, Kenya.

Because we have seen God use GTMD to provide resources to bring a consistent teaching on gender to many, we ask you to work with us. Here are some fun ways you can join us on November 16:

Galatians 3:28 Giving Bursts: Every hour, GiveMN will draw the name of someone who donated during that hour. If they draw your name and you gave to CBE, CBE will receive an extra $1,000! If they draw your name at 11:59 pm, we’ll receive an extra $10,000! To increase our chances of winning, CBE is encouraging donors to make their gifts at 3:28 am and at 3:28 pm CST on Wednesday, November 16.

Grand Prizes: CBE will compete with other “small” nonprofits (those with budgets under $750,000) to raise the most money. A $15,000, $10,000, and $7,500 grant will be awarded to the top three, and places 4–10 will each receive $5,000.

Marathon for Mutual Service: CBE is asking donors to gather 10 friends who will donate $10 once each hour for 10 hours. This will increase CBE’s chances to win a Grand Prize, and also increase our chances to receive an extra $1,000 in an hourly drawing. If donors can’t commit to 10 hours, CBE asks them to consider becoming Sprinters by giving $25 every hour for 4hours.

Matching Funds from Friends: Donate a matching grant of any size for CBE on GiveMn, on November 16 to attract savvy donors eager to see their gift go further. We currently have $13,000available in matching funds and we would love to see this number grow. Be sure to let CBE know you plan to donate a matching gift! We’ll be certain your matching gift is promoted widely! Check CBE’s website and CBE’s GiveMN profile to see how large the matching fund pool will grow.

Can you give us a hand? Send your friends this article and encourage them to join us on November 16.

Thank you for your friendship! Thank you for giving of yourself to help others. Set up a reminder for November 16 and lend CBE a hand.