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Published Date: August 5, 2022

Published Date: August 5, 2022

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Global Impact: Bearing Good Fruit with Scott Arbeiter

In this episode of Mutuality Matters, Scott Arbeiter brings enormous wisdom to our conversation on the global impact of egalitarian theology and human flourishing. From Scott’s examination of theological and social obstacles to his critique of organizational leadership and Jesus-style methods of evangelism, he vividly presented the ways that patriarchal practices can be dismantled through the lens of human flourishing. He provided powerful examples of practices that foster human flourishing by beginning with valuing girls and women as God’s image bearers! Like the United Nations Concept Note: 2021 Room 5, Scott also embraces people of faith as essential advocates of women’s equality in creating a safer and more just world. In concluding, Scott addressed abuse among Christians, a topic he addresses in his foreword to Created to Thrive: Cultivating Abuse-Free Faith Communities. 

Trigger Warning: This episode mentions circumstances of abuse and infant death. 

Reading and Resources

Elizabeth Beyer, editor. Created to Thrive: Cultivating Abuse-Free Faith Communities. CBE International: 2021. 

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Listen to the audio of Nell Green: “Advocating for Equality Among the Marginalized” 

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