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Published Date: November 13, 2013


Published Date: November 13, 2013


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Giving to the Max When All You Have Is the Min

I am an activist by calling. I get to travel to exotic places, talk to some really neat people, and occasionally, write about my experiences and take pictures. With the permission of those I interview, I bring these stories back and advocate on their behalf. I do not give voice to the voiceless, for no one is voiceless, but I seek to give unheard voices an audience. It’s not a bad life. But one thing this life doesn’t come with is a big paycheck.

November 14 is GiveMN’s “Give To The Max” day, and a unique opportunity to support Christians for Biblical Equality. It’s not just a privilege to give from what Creator has blessed me with, but a challenge to give creatively and maximize the fixed amount which I am able to donate to such a worthy cause and organization. Challenge accepted!

Give to the Max is run through a website called Razoo. Razoo uses a number of metrics to judge and hand out bonus sums of cash to causes that fund raise through its site. One of these metrics is the total number of donations. Each donation (minimum of $10) received increases the chance that an organization will be awarded a randomly drawn bonus of $1000.

I may only have $120 to give. But I aspire to be a righteous serpent (Matt 10:16). Instead of dumping $120 in a single donation, I’ll donate $10 every hour (Razoo requires a minimum of 1 hour between donations in order to count as separate gives) to increase CBE’s chances of obtaining one of these bonus draws of $1000. By donating every hour I am taking the same $120, and multiplying CBE’s drawing chances by 12.

Christians for Biblical equality is a unique organization in that it does not seek to take power; rather, CBE creates power. This is done by encouraging and equipping extraordinary women and men to break free from their “ordinary” roles and speak out, claiming their rightful place as heirs to Christ’s legacy and promise as equal partners within Christ’s body. And, who are these extraordinary women and men? If you are reading this, then you are one. CBE’s steadfast adherence to the mission of gender justice challenges both the tyranny and banality of patriarchy. Isn’t that worth ten dollars or more?

As much as I’d like to be a one-person foundation, I don’t have that kind of cash. Maybe I’m just a one-talent kind of guy; I believe that Creator will return to judge my work. I do not know where my faith will lead me next, but I am determined that Creator should not find his talent buried in the ground. Silver and gold have I little, but what I do have is time and the ability to play the system to CBE’s maximum advantage. I have three loaves, perhaps you have two fish? Together, with Creator, we can be a force far more powerful than any dollar-sign might indicate. Your donation, no matter the sum, will help the voices of women from around the world be heard. Your time, no matter the total, will be a contribution towards their liberation. Please join me in giving, whatever and however you are able, to help CBE on November 14th here

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