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Published Date: September 13, 2006

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Published Date: September 13, 2006

Book Info

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Evangelical Feminism: A New Path to Liberalism?

Publisher's Description

Publisher’s description (please note that CBE does not endorse Evangelical Feminism):

By critically examining the writings of egalitarians, Grudem shows that, while egalitarian leaders claim to be subject to scripture in their thinking, what is increasingly evident in their actual scholarship and practice is an effective rejection of the authority of scripture.

Egalitarianism is heading toward an Adam who is neither male nor female, a Jesus whose manhood is not important, and a God who is both father and mother, and then maybe only mother. The common denominator in all of this is a persistent undermining of the authority of scripture in our lives. Grudem’s conclusion is that we must choose either evangelical feminism or biblical truth. We can’t have it both ways!

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