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Published Date: January 31, 2001

Published Date: January 31, 2001

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Editor’s Reflections | Winter 2001

Did You Miss It?

Minneapolis was the site of CBE’s first-ever marriage conference last October 27-29. What a wonderful time! We came, we listened, we drank in the testimonies of God’s grace and victory in lives, and we rejoiced at the message shared and carried away. If you missed it, we have a treat for you: Virgil Olson’s devotional message on Saturday morning, which began a day of inspiration and challenge, is reproduced here for the benefit of Priscilla Papers readers. If you couldn’t attend the conference, don’t miss this study of two extraordinary New Testament couples, beginning on page 12.

You will be challenged and informed by the other articles in this issue as well, starting with Dan Kent’s examination of two subjects sometimes assumed to be incompatible: inerrancy and equality. Dan reaffirms both beliefs, and he shows how we can accept them both.

Likewise, you will be intrigued by Jane McNally’s look at Mother Eve. Often held responsible for the Fall and the entrance into our world of sin, Eve has long carried the blame for being seduced by the serpent, thus becoming for many the mother of sin as well as the mother of humankind. Jane examines the unjust accusation and brings a thoughtful study to bear on this important subject.

In the final article, Del Birkey introduces the first of a three-part series on complementarians and authority. It is an important subject in a day when new terms are being used to camouflage the fact that, for many, women are still to be denied functional equality with men.

Wrapping up the issue is a review by CBE’s executive director, Mimi Haddad, of a book by Frances Willard, best known today as an activist in the Women’s Christian Temperance Union a century ago. Woman in the Pulpit shows us a woman very much ahead of her times.

On the subject of conferences, do take time to view the ad on page 15. The year 2001 is an international CBE conference year, and this is one you will surely want to attend. The 7th International Conference will be held in Dallas, Texas, June 22-24, with the theme, “Equipping the Church, Empowering the Saints.” The lineup of plenary speakers is truly outstanding, including Gordon Fee, Richard Foster, Julie Pennington-Russell, and Robin Smith. This is the time of year to start making summer plans, and I do hope you’ll give serious thought to attending. I’d love to meet you!

* * *

On another note, I have recently had the joy of witnessing the birthing process of a new CBE chapter in Central Florida. This has been especially satisfying for me. When I moved to Florida a year ago, I knew the state had no active chapter. It is gratifying that Orlando, host last year to conventions of denominations that reasserted their beliefs in wifely submission and denial of pastorate and pulpit to women, is the new home for the needed message of gender equality. The chapter hopes to be up and running this spring, providing information and a forum—a new opportunity for the men and women in this area. Pray for the leaders, that they may lead in meeting the needs of many.

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