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Published Date: July 31, 2002

Published Date: July 31, 2002

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Editor’s Reflections | Summer 2002

When God Is the Winner

You may have noticed that beginning in the Summer 2001 issue of Priscilla Papers a new logo appeared on this page, that of the Evangelical Press Association indicating our membership. In some ways, deciding to join this professional association of Christian publications was a bold step for the CBE board, aligning ourselves with well over 300 periodicals, journals, and individuals who make up EPA.

There is little question that EPA encourages the highest standards of Christian journalism, both ethically and technically. And it is to this end that the organization annually sponsors two contests that offer members the opportunity to submit their publication and individual articles, features, and graphics to independent judges who choose what they see as the best representatives in a given category. This is not about “bragging rights” but an opportunity to learn what is already being done with excellence and where improvements can be made. (I well understand this dynamic, having served for several years on the EPA Awards Committee, two as chair.) Overall, I believe, the contests have provided a means for editors and designers to see their efforts through critical, albeit neutral, eyes—and improve their work to the glory of God. The results in Christian publications over the years are evident.

In this our first year of EPA membership, Priscilla Papers entered three of the twenty-four Higher Goals categories for 2001, representing individual editorial and design elements—and won two awards! At EPA’s annual convention in May, a First Place Poetry award went to “Who Was She?” by Patricia Donohue-Carey (Winter 2001), and a Fifth Place in the First-Person category was given to Funmi Josephine Para-Mallam’s “Why? Oh Why Am I a Woman?” (Fall 2001). Of Funmi’s work, the judge wrote: “[T]his takes the reader into this area of tension between genders and makes God the winner.” We couldn’t ask for more!

Besides the solid offering of articles in this issue, I would call your attention to an extra: an index of volumes 13-15, bound into the center for easy access and pull-out. One of our CBE “mothers,” Alvera Mickelsen, lovingly put this index together, and I hope you (and all the librarians out there!) will find it truly useful.

And don’t miss the good articles you will find here. Gilbert Bilezikian’s exposition on biblical community is choice, as are articles by Douglas Groothuis and Alan Padgett, the latter a more complete explanation of what CBE believes the Bible says about equality. Sandwiched between these is a short piece by U.S. Army Reserves chaplain Rachel Coggins, who was told by her denomination that she could no longer serve in her ordained capacity.

Finally, this photo of our president, Mimi Haddad, is from an exceptional article in my local newspaper, The Ledger (Lakeland, FL), written following Mimi’s April visit to Central Florida. She encouraged our fledgling chapter, and made many significant new contacts on behalf of CBE.

Have a wonderful summer!