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Published Date: April 30, 2015

Published Date: April 30, 2015

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Editor’s Reflections | Spring 2015 (29.2)

Essential to an academic journal is a group of scholars who ably advise the editor. These four women and four men have agreed to comprise the Priscilla Papers Peer Review Team. They deserve our gratitude for sharing their expertise and thereby advancing the mission of CBE.

Lynn H. Cohick holds a PhD in New Testament and Christian Origins from the University of Pennsylvania and is Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. Her several publications include Women in the World of the Earliest Christians: Illuminating Ancient Ways of Life, as well as Philippians in the Story of God Bible Commentary series, and Ephesians in the New Covenant Commentary series. In 2007, Lynn published the article, “Met with Dancing: The Changing Faces of African Christian Women,” in Priscilla Papers.

Havilah Dharamraj is Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) in Bangalore, India. Her academic degrees include an MS in biochemistry, an MA in Christianity, and a PhD from the University of Durham, UK. In 2011, she published the book, A Prophet Like Moses?: A Narrative–Theological Reading of the Elijah Stories. Havilah serves on the Committee on Bible Translation for the NIV and was a keynote speaker at the 2007 CBE conference in Bangalore.

Tim Foster is Vice Principal of Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia, where he teaches in pastoral theology and New Testament. He holds degrees from Moore Theological College, the University of Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney, as well as a DMin from Fuller Theological Seminary. Tim has filled several pastoral roles and was a speaker at the 2010 CBE conference in Melbourne.

Susan Howell is Professor of Psychology at Campbellsville University in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Her degrees include an MEd and EdD from the University of Louisville. In 2010, she published “Gender Differences: Facts and Myths” in Priscilla Papers. Susan is a frequent contributor to CBE’s blog, “The CBE Scroll.”

Jamin Hübner is an American theologian and author from South Dakota. He is a graduate of Dordt College and Reformed Theological Seminary, and holds a ThD from the University of South Africa. He teaches at John Witherspoon College in South Dakota’s Black Hills. In addition to being the author of A Case for Female Deacons (Wipf and Stock, 2015) and other books, Dr. Hübner is an active member of several academic societies and regularly speaks on gender and theology.

Loretta Hunnicutt is Professor of History at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. She has an MA from Pepperdine and a PhD from Georgetown University, Washington, DC. In addition to journal articles and encyclopedia contributions, she has published the book, The Life of Selina Campbell: A Fellow Soldier in the Cause of Restoration.

Adam Omelianchuk has an MA from Talbot School of Theology and is a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of South Carolina. He has published two articles in Priscilla Papers:  “The Logic of Equality” and “The ‘Difference’ Between ‘A and Not-A’: An Analysis of Alleged ‘Word Tricks’ and Obfuscations.”

Charles “Chuck” Pitts is Professor of Old Testament at Houston Graduate School of Theology. He holds an MDiv and PhD from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He is active in local church ministry and with the organization, United Against Human Trafficking.

Join me in welcoming the Priscilla Papers Peer Review Team.