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Published Date: April 30, 2001

Published Date: April 30, 2001

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Editor’s Reflections | Spring 2001

Something New

This issue begins a new tradition for Priscilla Papers. Dan Gentry Kent, whose writing in previous issues has been appreciated by readers, begins a series of regular columns. We anticipate publishing a column in each issue as Dan shares some of the things on his heart concerning matters of equality. His first column, “The Woman Beside the Man,” appears on page 22. Dan and his wife, Barbara, are the Texas coordinators for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Furthermore, Dan is the current chair of our CBE board of directors. He is the author of articles in the previous two issues of Priscilla Papers, and we look forward to hearing from Dan on a regular basis.

Two articles in this issue look at the problem of domestic abuse. The first, from a hospital chaplain in Hawaii, tells the story of a nurse whose Christian husband cited Scripture as a basis for his abusive behavior. Author Al Miles observes that victims of domestic violence have often internalized a faith-based rationalization for their abuse. You will find a number of suggestions for help in these situations, along with a number of resources. A second article on this theme, by Sandra Dufield, looks at how the local church may fail victims of abuse within the congregation, often unaware that the problem is within. Two poems by Michelle Robbins, a recovering victim of abuse, wind up this grouping as she shares her faith in the God of deliverance. And as a reminder of how God views our families, we are pleased to present a short article by the first editor of Priscilla Papers, Gretchen Gaebelein Hull, on “Jesus and Family Values.” I hope you’ll find all of these helpful.

I want to take this opportunity to add my personal invitation to you to join us in Dallas for CBE’s Seventh International Conference. The dates, if you haven’t noted them by now, are June 22-24, and the powerful theme is “Equipping the Church, Empowering the Saints.” You won’t want to miss hearing Richard Foster on the subject of “Transforming Grace,” Julie Pennington-Russell on “Before the Unwrapping: Learning to Live in Love,” Gordon Fee on “The Cultural Context of Ephesians 35:18-33,” and Robin Smith on “Equipping the Church for the Ministry of Reconciliation.” In addition to the general sessions, workshops on practical applications of the conference theme will challenge you in your particular areas of interest.

Overall, you will be personally refreshed and challenged, and reinvigorated for the work of the ministry of equality in your own church. Meet us at the Crowne Plaza North Dallas/Addison hotel for three unforgettable days. If you haven’t yet sent in your registration, let me urge you to do so before another day passes. Believe me, you won’t regret it! See the ad on page 18 for further information.

* * *

On a personal note, I celebrated my late minister-father’s one hundred eleventh birthday by being ordained that day in March as an elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA) congregation I joined a year ago following my move to Florida. What a joy it is to be a part of a fellowship that allows women to exercise fully their spiritual gifts! I thank God for this new opportunity to serve him in the local church.

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