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Published Date: September 5, 2004

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Tracing God’s Women from Genesis to the New Testament: God’s Women Then and Now

This book, written by two ordained women, deals in a winsome and loving way with the issue of women in leadership in the church and home. While solid in scholarship, the book is easy to read and full of personal and biblical illustrations.

Both of the authors earned their doctorates at Fuller Theological Seminary. Gill has been a missionary and pastor, and is currently national director of Christian education for Assemblies of God. Cavaness was also a missionary and is a teacher at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, in Springfield, Mo. Each has dealt at length with gender problems on mission fields and in churches in the United States.

The authors trace the hand of God on women from Genesis through the New Testament. They confront long-held traditions, prejudices, and assumptions with a loving, non-judgmental spirit that makes it possible for readers to examine their own beliefs without being threatened.

In their handling of “problem passages” in Ephesians, 1Timothy and Corinthians, the writers give fair, accurate accounts of various interpretations, and then gently explain which they prefer and why.

This is not an argumentative book, but an inspirational one that encourages the reader to examine his or her own relationship with God and the opportunities that God can and does give to every man and woman to serve him and to encourage and support other women and men who are being called by God to service.

This is a great book to give to lay people and pastors who are seeking God’s direction or are dealing with issues that arise from traditions and “proof-texting” regarding the place of women in God’s plans.