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Published Date: April 16, 2008

Published Date: April 16, 2008

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The Blossoming of New Life

“I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees of the field their fruit” (Lev. 26:4 TNIV).

Is spring your favorite season? If you live in a cold climate any hint of warm weather, longer days, and the return of flowers and birds is cause for rejoicing! Regardless of where you live, spring is a season of encouragement. We are encouraged by Easter celebrations in spring, reminding us that in our Risen Lord, all things are made new. We are inspired by the accomplishments of graduates in the months of spring. And, many couples cheer us as they make vows of marriage, often in the spring. Spring is also the season when we honor our mothers—those who have sacrificed and devoted their lives to our nurture.

At CBE, we begin to see the fruit of egalitarian labor in the spring, which cheers us greatly. This spring we have received new library subscriptions and also conference registrations. We have learned of several churches and institutions who wish to join CBE. And, we are greatly encouraged by three college students who want to intern at CBE this summer. Filled with enthusiasm for CBE’s mission, interns are ready to make a difference for Christ at CBE. Take a moment to learn more about Ashley, a student who has already made a significant impact at her college over the past two years.

Why not celebrate the joy of spring by encouraging others? Consider giving the graduates in your life the gift of a CBE membership or conference registration. (CBE will extend to graduates the full-time student discount through July 1st.) Celebrate those getting married this spring with an honor gift. Why not make a gift in honor of your mother, or in honor of someone who has nurtured your life and faith! Or, give loved ones a gift certificate to CBE, which they can use for any CBE product or service.

Though winter seemed relentless, refusing to yield new life, God’s love and renewal are indomitable. He does send us new life. Join me in thanking God for all the new life blooming in CBE’s ministry.