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What is a CBE church or organizational membership?

A church or organizational membership (for groups such as seminaries, Christian colleges, women’s studies departments, nonprofit organizations, and marriage ministries) is a partnership between CBE and the leadership of your group. Through a church or organizational membership, CBE provides you with publications, books, opportunities to host CBE speakers, and discounted conference registrations to equip and empower the egalitarian leadership of your organization.

Why should my church or organization become a CBE member?

While many churches and organizations are committed to biblical equality in theory, they may lack the resources or the experience to equip and mobilize their members to affirm and advance gift-based leadership. CBE’s writers and speakers are experienced and passionate about releasing both men and women to serve Christ. It’s what we do! If your church or organization is exploring biblical equality or is already committed to it, we would love to walk alongside you through membership, providing resources and support.